War Horse Creative Home Decoration Resin

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[Product material] Resin (poly), a classic European style of performing arts, reflecting the superior and noble quality of life

[Product size] length 27CM width 10CM height 37CM
[Product Features] It has the characteristics of long-lasting fading, environmental protection, non-hazardous, etc .; elegant, highly textured, beautiful appearance, vivid image, strong expressiveness, strong realism and appreciation of collection. It is a good home Ornaments and good gifts for relatives and friends

[Baby use] Home decorations, wedding room decoration, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, home decorations, special resin crafts, wedding room new house decorations, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, window display, shop display cabinets Decorations, shooting props, Valentine's Day gifts for couples, collectible models, etc.

[Remarks] Paints, pigments and materials are all environmentally friendly products